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Midway Homes

Midway Homes was established with one goal in mind - to provide a first class, cost effective and professional property transaction service. It is unfortunate that the image of agents in the minds of some people is not a favourable one, but it is often with good reason. We intend to do our utmost to change any negative image that may exist, and at the same time, run a profitable business.

We specialise in residential property, with our main area of focus being Midrand. We offer a cost effective service to sellers and purchasers. Our innovative commission structure ensures that the seller is not overcharged, while still allowing us to operate effectively and profitably. Our consultants are available seven days per week, to assist with any property related matter.

Being an independent agency, we are not bound by a rigid corporate structure. We are able to make and implement decisions quickly and effectively. Every step of the sale process, from valuation to signing of the sale document, is handled in-house by our own staff. Our policy is to be flexible and open to negotiation, and to ensure that all parties are treated fairly and ethically.

For sellers, we offer a one-stop service. We arrange valuations, internet listings, advertising, screening of potential purchasers etc, and provide the seller with regular feedback as to how the sale is progressing. Once an offer is accepted, we collect all the necessary documents for delivery to the conveyancers, which ensures that transfer delays are kept to a minimum.

For purchasers, we offer a buyer listing service which notifies all potential purchasers immediately when a new listing comes onto the market. Our consultants are available at all reasonable times to show prospective purchasers any property that is listed with us. Once a deal is concluded, we can assist with arranging finance through all major banks at highly competitive rates.

Our agents, having previously worked for other agencies, are very familiar with sales tactics used in the industry. We have no intention of using these tactics, nor do we see any reason why we should. Our agents will negotiate every aspect of every transaction until such time as all parties are satisfied with the result. No effort will be spared to ensure our client's peace of mind.

We appreciate that moving home is a traumatic experience for many people, and will do our best to reduce the common problems associated with property transactions, while at the same time making every effort to deal fairly, honestly and ethically with all parties concerned. And perhaps most importantly, we will carry out our task without charging exhorbitant rates.